Anger Management Counselling

People often seek anger therapy – or anger management counselling – when feelings spin out of control. Some people experiencing anger act out aggressively; whether verbally or physically. For others anger may turn inwards, leaving the individual seething.

Some individuals seek anger management counselling when a “life crisis” – such as a redundancy or a breakup – triggers an angry response. Others seek counselling having been angry for a long time, never quite sure where the anger has come from.

Anger, if left untreated, has a negative on our relationships; both personal and professional.

Anger management counselling explores your relationship with your anger. First, by learning to take responsibility for it; then, by learning to express anger in a safe and constructive manner. Anger management counselling is not about getting ‘rid’ of your anger. Instead, it is about understanding it; learning what triggers anger in you, ultimately finding a healthy way to express your feelings. Expressed anger needn’t be disproportionate and destructive. Rather, a measured response can be proportionate and constructive.