Anger Management Counselling

People often seek anger management counselling when their feelings spin out of control. Some angry individuals act out aggressively, whether verbally or physically. Others turn their anger inwards, leaving them seething.

Some seek anger management counselling when a ‘life crisis’ – such as redundancy or breakup – triggers an angry response. Others seek counselling having been angry for a considerable amount of time, in some cases not quite sure why they are angry. Whatever the case, left untreated, anger has a negative on our relationships; both personal and professional.

Anger management counselling explores your relationship with your anger. First, by learning to take responsibility for it; then, by learning to express anger in a safe and constructive manner. Anger management counselling is not about getting ‘rid’ of your anger. Instead, it is about understanding it, ultimately finding a healthy way to express your feelings. Anger expressed appropriately is neither disproportionate nor destructive. Rather, the measured response can be proportionate and constructive.