Psycho-Sexual Therapy

Many individuals, at some point in their lives, will experience some form of sexual dysfunction. Common sexual problems include: loss of sex drive, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, addiction to pornography, sex addiction, vaginismus (difficulty or pain with penetration), or sexual difficulties within a relationship.

For many people, these issues are not easily discussed – perhaps due to cultural shame or because of personal embarrassment. A necessary aspect of the therapeutic process, therefore, is normalising the issue. At times, just opening up about the issue has an alleviating effect.

For those issues that need further exploration, the procedure is often as follows …

  • First, biological/medical causes should be fully investigated outside of counselling.
  • Then, on beginning sexual therapy, the individual’s sexual history is explored, highlighting any mechanical issues.
  • Next, should further treatment be required, psycho-sexual therapy reflects upon the individual’s self-image.

Problems and insecurities triggered by current relationship dynamics can be traced by exploring the history and origins of the individual’s past. Explored in this way, past events that have a negative effect on your current sexuality lose their power.